5 Ways to Use Live Chat Software & chatbots For Lead Generation

5 Ways to Use Live Chat Software & chatbots For Lead Generation

No doubt you’ve seen a drastic increase in live chat widget on the website over the last few years. This coincided Digital Marketing Company Sheffield with the emergence of chatbots – a new spin on the concept of live chat that capitalizes on the emergence of instant messaging applications and social media.

The question is whether this technology really works or just another fad?

Well, it turns out 69% of consumers prefer to speak with chatbots for quick communication with the brand, as opposed to calling them directly or send an email.


This brand feel when being put on hold or waiting for someone to read and reply to your emails do not seem to relate to the world today is fast-paced.

It seems that businesses understand the demand for robots, too According to research from Oracle, 80% of businesses plan to launch chatbot messages of some kind in 2020. Meanwhile, a separate study from Juniper predicts that chatbots will save businesses $ 8 billion in costs by 2020.

Automate lead generation by bot

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The real beauty of chatbots and live chat widget is their 100% automated. So, once you set them, the technology will still bring in leads, no matter how much traffic you throw at them – and you no one at the helm to operate them properly.

It all sounds great.

Of course, it takes a little more than a slap widgets throughout your web site to get the results. You should have a strategy in place to determine the moments where bots can be useful to users and understand what kind of friction you may add in certain situations.

To give a better idea of ​​how bots can generate valuable leads with increasing experience on your site, here are five strategies you can try for yourself.

# 1: Offer help users who appears lost

The most common place you’ll see a live chat widget on the homepage of the company – or perhaps every site on their page by default.

Typically, these triggers as soon as the page loads or after a short delay.

The problem I usually find is that they tend to appear too quickly while I still see what pages have the offer. Elegant theme has a longer delay on the chat widget than most and think it enhanced the overall experience.

Personally, I would have a longer delay for first-time visitors to give them a chance to take everything. If they do not click on anything after a certain time, this is the right moment to trigger the widget.

With multiple platforms, you can also trigger them to appear when the user looks like they will leave your site.

# 2: Engage users when they want to leave your site

You ever see a popup out-purposes and you may never see a web form out-intent. Well, some platform boots, like Tido, allowing you to setup out-purpose chat experience triggered when the user looks like they will leave.

Now, this could be when the user will leave your site or it could be when a potential customer is about to leave a basket full of products.

Tidio help you reduce cart abandonment.

Capture the lead at this stage can make the difference between losing sales forever and get them back to order – now or in the near future.

# 3: Collect leads out of hours

internet never sleeps and the people can engage with brands whenever they want, anywhere in the world. Is that Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield the next potential customer is in another time zone half way around the world or just find your business after hours, you need to channel that can capture these leads.

Chatbots work all the time so that you can engage with users 24/7.

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