8 Ways To Create Content For Social Media

8 Ways To Create Content For Social Media

Social media is one of the best channels available online to reach your customers and attract new ones. Unfortunately it is also one of the most clogged with a large amount of information uploaded and distributed daily. One of the biggest challenges with Digital Marketing Company in Bath social media strategy is to find ways to cut through and reach the audience that will benefit the majority of the information you share and discuss. Business will regularly have trouble coming up with ideas for content that will connect with their audience and increase engagement. Before you start thinking about what kind of content will make you have to realize that each of the different social media channels so that the content you create should be adjusted to maximize the effectiveness of it on any platform. Anything you post on Facebook may need to be changed a little before you post on Twitter. The easiest and best way to manage this is to schedule your content through platforms such as or Buffer. Let’s get started on some simple ways to create a consistent stream of unique and interesting content on your social channels.

Share other people’s content
This is the simplest and easiest way to fill gaps in your social media strategy and it is often the most overlooked. There’s so much content out there that we almost have excess content. Find and follow brands or companies that share information that is relevant to your industry or niche. Use their content and promote it on your social media channels as a way to engage and inform your audience. Remember people are not on social media to purchase or use a service. That came as a product involvement. If you provide information that is useful and relevant even if it does not come from you directly you will find that potential customers will engage with your business.

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Top Tip: Find a blog, twitter profile, hashtags and trends on Facebook to find content that will be relevant to you and your followers will add value

Use your blog content – again and again
Remember that social media presents a lot of information to people every day. Just because you’ve put up a link and description to one of your pieces of content that does not mean that every single follower you must have seen and read. Keep spreading your content on a regular cycle. Use a different headline and an image and some simple URL tracking can help you identify how things are written differently to produce different levels of involvement. Mix up your content with different keywords, titles and images may also help with your search engine optimization.

the same content, do different
It is also one of the most overlooked ways to increase engagement with your content on social media. If you’ve written a blog post is really good that has gotten little traction with the sights and stocks you might want to restructure what has been written into a video, podcast or webinar. You can easily distribute this content which is effectively the same as your blog posts with little effort. You may find that on a different channel video or podcast can perform better and produce different levels of involvement.

What is the best way to increase engagement on social media? Increasing the use of visuals. You can even replace your content to be shared with a picture and description. It differentiates your content and give your customers new ways to engage with you. Visual more likely to get together and all together will have a greater impact than text. A simple way to craft this content is to use Canva to make it easy to send professional design with your content.

Quotes, fun facts and other useful information
Quotations, motivational information and fun facts which are supported by a strong visual will always outperform Digital Marketing Agencies Bath boring or sales promotion posts. Mixing social feed you with something light and not related to your actual business. People want to have