9 Reasons to Avoid the Traditional Marketing Method

9 Reasons to Avoid the Traditional Marketing Method

Today, the digital marketing company in gurgaon It has become the fastest driver behind the success of most marketing strategies. There is no longer a place for outdated traditional marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at why you really need to avoid traditional marketing methods and spend resources on digital marketing methods.

 Marketing is an important part of any business that cannot be ignored. With many new ideas emerging from small businesses every day, it is becoming more and more important for entrepreneurs to invest a fixed amount of money just on marketing. In this age dominated by the Internet, for companies to remain invincible in all competitions, they really need to change their marketing strategies from traditional strategies to contemporary strategies to attract users.

Today, with the development of the Internet and changes in marketing technology, businesses really need to keep working hard and trying all kinds of possible novelties. Sticking to traditional marketing methods will one day become unpopular and people may think that your brand is not the latest technology.

 Let’s start discussing why you should avoid traditional marketing methods and choose digital marketing.

 Traditional marketing methods can be more expensive:

In most cases, traditional marketing methods are inherently expensive and typically include broadcast media, print, and direct email. Businesses and marketers use these marketing techniques to create stacks, newspaper ads, magazine ads, television ads, and radio ads. By using this age-old marketing method, your brand, product, or service information will be shared with your audience, so gaining recognition can increase sales.

 The monetary investment in original traditional marketing methods may seem worthwhile at first, but there are many downsides associated with this that you should definitely look into. Traditional methods are a bit more expensive than digital marketing because they provide a small return on investment. For example, the number of newspaper ads will depend on their length and size, and it is unclear how many people will see the ad.

Billboard Advertising – The huge hoop on the side of the road is quite expensive and the cost depends on the size and location. Even broadcast, telemarketing and magazine advertising spends too much, and the return on investment is also very low. Therefore, because digital methods are cheaper and can easily cover a wide range of target audiences, this method is now obsolete.

 Traditional marketing is gradually losing audience:

Traditional marketing practices are losing audience. When you think about doing TV commercials or newspaper ads for your brand, you will have to wait for people who are still watching TV and newspapers. Because in recent years the situation has changed. Due to the various online video streaming platforms, television viewing rates have dropped dramatically and the circulation of newspapers has also decreased. With the passage of time, people’s opinions gradually decline and people can get news online for free.

Viewers have turned to digital media and more and more people are reading news online. Video streaming platforms are used more often than television. The transition from traditional to digital media has changed the way people consume media and news. Therefore, in terms of effectiveness, traditional marketing methods are gradually being phased out, to reintegrate your audience you will need new digital methods, otherwise you will not be able to build the value of your brand.

 Method requires more processing time:

In traditional marketing, the execution time is much longer than in digital marketing. Forgiving newspaper ads, or making billboard announcements or distributing brochures / flyers, you must first wait for them to be created and then wait for the attachments or the distribution of brochures or magazines to be placed. Also, before launching the design, you need to prepare the design in advance. In digital marketing, you need to design and do it online (on a website or social media platform), and it takes much less time.

 When you need to change your ad, the entire process will be repeated, from design to printing to distribution. This is another drawback of traditional marketing, which is an expensive and time-consuming process. Using new modern technology, companies can design ads and post them on social media in just a few minutes. If they need to change the ads, they can easily do so without paying extra money, requiring very little editing. Digital ads can be edited and tested in real time to provide correct information, but print media takes time and a lot of editing. Once completed, you cannot go back and edit.

 Traditional Marketing Results Cannot Be Quantified:

With traditional marketing methods, it is difficult for marketers to measure user ratings. Although they cannot get services that can measure television ratings, results cannot be measured. It is just an estimate which is an incorrect count. For billboard ads and newspaper ads, we cannot determine how many people have seen or read the ads, we can only assume the numbers. In digital marketing, we can see the actual number of user visits. Digital media provides us with the complete metrics, including detailed information from website page visits to final purchase.

Traditional Marketing

 Static text

Print publications, such as newspapers and magazines, use static text as advertisements. Suppose you place an ad about the sale of your product in the newspaper and after the inventory is finished, in this case, you will not be able to edit the ad so that customers understand the situation and you will not be able to interact with it immediately, which will lead to many dissatisfied customers. Contrary to traditional methods, digital marketing allows us to update and change every time we run ads.

 If the inventory is full, you can post it or you can make changes to the previous posting to inform the customer. Upgrading customers based on current conditions will only help you strengthen your relationship with customers, which is good for your brand. In addition, digital advertising campaigns are not only full of text, but also provide rich information such as images, audio and video, which makes the ads more attractive and interesting.

 Less information:

 In business, you handle many products and services, and the information about each product will be different from other products. Now, if we see the traditional method, it is difficult to advertise for each product, you can only provide the necessary information, and customers will not be able to obtain information about all the products or services you provide, which makes the traditional method have less information. .

The reason is that print media cannot provide enough space. For example, a single product can provide customers with multiple pricing options and different quotes. However, due to limited space, it is difficult to display a large amount of information in the newspaper. But in digital marketing methods, you have your own social media page and you can post all the information you want. With detailed information, customers will know your brand, products and services very well, and you will also be able to respond to their inquiries online, which is not possible with the old traditional marketing methods.

 Traditional marketing is temporary:

The traditional marketing strategy is out of date, because after a period of time there is no advertisement in magazines, brochures or newspapers. These traditional ads are temporary and cannot reach users after they are finished. Instead, the content or ads you post online will stay on the server forever. It will not be erased. You can even improve the way you advertise and publish content online. You can add videos, blogs, or simple articles about your products and services. Despite the fierce competition, you can use your creativity to lead the game. Consumers will find your ads and content online until you give up.

 You can’t track your progress in traditional marketing:

When you can’t analyze marketing techniques and only follow proven marketing methods, technology has evolved and time has passed. Traditional marketing cannot track the progress of marketing activities, whereas in online marketing, you can track the progress of marketing activities and how they affect the user base.

You can track the return on investment, that is, the return on investment. You can know if your investment can bring you any digital marketing agency in kolkata. You can check if your marketing method is effective on a specific platform. You can then decide the most effective marketing methods and the ads that trigger your marketing activities.

 Brand recognition:

In digital marketing, your brand image must be well promoted because it gives you the opportunity to own a complete website on the Internet. You can have your own blog or social media account where you can share brand stories and write information about products and services. This helps establish a belief in authenticity in the eyes of users. Therefore, digital marketing is clearly in the leading position in the category of “branding”.