Blog Writing: The Do’s and Don’ts Companies Need to Know

Blog Writing: The Do’s and Don’ts Companies Need to Know

When it comes to the importance of writing a blog, the numbers do not lie. Did you know that there are more than 150 million active blogs online today? Furthermore, in WordPress, there are about 70 million posts published on a monthly basis. Simply put, blogs Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle have become a staple of the Internet. They provide users with content that serves a variety of purposes, including providing entertainment or offer insight. Many companies leave their blogging efforts to a third party, such as an independent author or internet marketing company with a full-service, but what about those who choose to take in-house content creation?

Unlike SEO, social media management, marketing growth, or other digital services, there are right and wrong ways to write a blog. The best writing can generate high traffic, resulting in increased site engagement and, in certain cases, lead. With this in mind, it is important to know how to maintain a blog through content. To this end, here is a must and must not do companies need to know during the content creation process.

Know the platform used. There are many blog content management system built on top, with some more common than others. WordPress is arguably the most prominent names, such as features a user-friendly interface and a variety of plug-ins. The latter can be used to help with aspects such as SEO, easy to read, and spam filtering, making it useful to experiment with different options. Other CMS options including, but not limited to, Joomla, Squarespace, and Magneto. Regardless of platform, anticipating the learning period to become accustomed to it.

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Emphasize the long-form content. In short, the lower the content business will not do when it comes to blog writing. It is recommended that the posts should be at least 300 words long, but it can be said that even this was on the short side. It is recommended that the blog posts become, at least 800 words to do well. Of course, the length will vary depending on where the content produced. Not all topics will have a substance that allows for extensive post. Keep in mind, though, that long-form content aids in SEO and keep the reader involved, ensuring that they do not click away soon after arrival.

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Utilizing a different format blog posts. Blog posts come in various forms, such as the platform they are hosted on, so it pays to take advantage of them. Writing that consists of a list, such as “top ten tips” to help themselves very popular. Not only does this provide useful information, but they are easy to consume. Blog posts can also offer reviews on products and services, which allows the reader to determine whether they are worth being bought. It’s only a few possibilities for content direction to take. A business would be wise to not box yourself, from the standpoint of content, because it can hinder their ability to grow their blog.

Encourage user activity. Best blog posting encourages readers to engage in conversation. When the post is open, asking readers to leave comments, it provides a platform for more points made in the content. Furthermore, it provides businesses with a better understanding of their audience. They can check out what users are interested in learning, which can clue them in on buying habits. These are just some of the benefits to encourage user activity in a blog post, so consider creating content that invites readers to chime in.

Include a call to action if applicable. While the blog post can provide information or values ​​in general, its potential can be grown with a call to action. Basically, the CTA is the prompt that users can follow these content creators demand. Case and point, once the user reading the blog post, they might see a request to sign up for Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle the newsletter at the end. users will be inclined to do so if they are considered valuable post content. Other potential CTA range from visiting our other internal