How to Convert Leads MORE Investors to Boost Property Sales

How to Convert Leads MORE Investors to Boost Property Sales

Are you in the property investment? In today’s blog I will show you some ways to increase the amount of property that Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham you are selling to help you convert more leads online using a variety of tactics.

Possibility at this point you may trigger a conversation in social media and posting in the group on Facebook. Maybe the people who sign up for updates on your website and then you jump on a call with them or send them a quick email … ..

Now while all of these methods work well, they can be very e consuming and it often can cause a lot of e wasters or long discussions with people who may not fit.

Another problem is that somees after the first contact point you never speak again and the process is lost or they go and buy property elsewhere because of the lack of touch points.

Below I will show you some ways to make more and warming touch points your audience to help you convert more leads into clients.

First value

People are looking for value in every way, chances are if you run up to someone in the street, the hard-sell and try to get them to buy the property it simply will not work, even if you have a short conversation with them before. The reason for this is that you do not build trust and value given to this person first.

Now imagine if you go to this person and give them a free guide on investing in property, while also demonstrating their tesonials, the type of results they can expect and also to walk them through the part they do not understand. This person will be much more likely to buy from you in the future as you go out of your way to help and provide value in-play and then create trust.

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Obviously it would be silly to run around doing this manually, but by applying this strategy online you can achieve better results and reach thousands of people with ease.

Here are some good examples of some of the free value you can provide to generate and convert more leads:

Free guide on how to invest in property

informative content Youtube

Free listing of investment property for downloading and browsing

A research document about a particular area that you sell the property (house price rise / high yield / requests etc)

Email Automation & Maintenance

Email marketing is still a very effective marketing method, once you have generated leads here are some great ways that you can build them using an automatic email.

Also if you follow the above steps should be easy generating leads and you can take your email address using gated and download content for free (make sure you GDPR compliant though).

Send Tesonials from existing clients, people like looking at other people’s results have been reached because it makes them want the same thing.

Send updates when new properties are released, somees the e may not be right to lead it but within 3 months maybe they have a more attractive funding or property is on the market that they really want to buy.

Send more information about the process so they understand more about what you do and how you can help. If people are not clear about the value they will receive or why they have to buy the property of your company then you can cover the mind using email marketing so that you can further improve the conversion.

Try to get more people on call consultation, ulately this is probably the place you are most likely to cover your leads into clients so by offering them the opportunity to order the consultation call via email you can trigger up the conversation again.

Never jump into the online shopping and Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham and being hit with ads that are relevant or similar products? … ..You may find this annoying but it is a very effective marketing method.

By re-target the people you mention creating more touch points which if done properly can lead to more conversions.