How to successfully remarket to past customers

How to successfully remarket to past customers

It is easier to repurpose past clients than to find a new
Whether you’re an e-commerce store, “bricks and mortar” small boutique, or a large retail chain, you do not have to ignore Digital Marketing Company Newcastle the past customers and clients as a potential source of income in the future. In fact, it is often easier to remarket to your past clients rather than to generate new business leads.

your past customers is valuable, that they already understand the product or service, they have a personal interaction with your brand, and they have the possibility of developing an opinion about your products and its ability to meet their needs.

As we shall see, sometimes all it takes is for your company to re-introduce ourselves, remind customers about your product. Other times, you have to do some hard work, changing customer opinions and perceptions about your product and its ability to meet their needs. Both of these pathways achieve the ultimate goal to get your past customers engage with your brand again and buy products or services.

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In this article, we will look at some methods you can use to re-engage past customers, helping your business to stand out from the competition and generate additional revenue.

Build your customers will be targeted
The first step in targeting your past customers is to determine which customers you want to target your remarketing campaign. This is done by determining factors essential characteristics in your past customers. For example, your remarketing campaign may target customers who have:

Make purchases in the last three months
Using a customer rewards card
Sign up via email them
Subscribe to your email list
purchasing habits of regular and predictable
Converted on the promotion of the past
Make purchases over a certain monetary amount
By defining the characteristics of your target audience, you will have an easier time designing your remarketing campaign and determine whether your strategies have finally succeeded.

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Understanding why customers stop buying from you
Customers often very unpredictable in their purchasing habits, and this makes it difficult for business to determine why past customers have stopped supporting your brand.

There are many reasons for changes in consumer purchasing habits, but some of the main possible:

They find a superior alternative
A competitor offers them a better price
They are driven by overly aggressive marketing tactics
Competitors have red packaging (sometimes purchase solely for cosmetic features – trivial, yes, but consumer behavior is accurate)
They just do not need for your product or service again
consumer tastes can change overnight, leaving you wondering what happened. The best way to handle this situation is to past customer surveys, asking for feedback about your product, service, price, support and the main reason for the change in buying behavior.


One survey software we would recommend for this is Survey Anyplace, as it provides a variety of functions for the type of customer surveys. Of course, you must provide some motivation, such Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle as free or discounted product is great, for customers to participate in your survey. It’s hard to look past customers who are willing to participate for free.

A customer survey will help you narrow down the primary cause for the change in consumer buying behavior. This is valuable information, in that it helps you pinpoint any areas where you can improve your company, helping to maximize customer satisfaction with your brand.