Top 7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions

Top 7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions

In marketing, a lot of focus is placed on the campaign and attract customers. Equally important, what happens Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle when someone clicks through the links is equally important. If your bounce rate and conversion rate is not too high, then it’s time to reevaluate your landing page. As a top web design and digital marketing company, we want to share our Top 7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions.

No matter your industry or the size of your business, this is a best practice that should be used for both higher engagement and more conversions.

7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions

Using a simple design – One of the worst sins that can occur with any web page is confusing design. A strange layout, navigation difficult, or hidden CTA button will incur costs of conversion and many people will simply leave your site rather than waste time looking. The design should help achieve the goal of a landing page and its funnel people toward that goal. Too many distractions, dropdown, ads, or the same elements just get in the way of your goals.

the landing page must be mobile-friendly – If your site is not mobile-friendly already, then you should at least make sure your landing pages. the landing page must be compatible with the device or screen size if you want to maximize conversions. With people who use mobile devices to so many of their web browsing, it’s a good bet that the garbage decent traffic is coming from mobile users. Be sure to not alienate any of them because of the difficulty in navigating non-mobile friendly sites on small screen phones.

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Make sure Landing Pages purpose and objectives of the campaign are the same – A good landing page has a specific purpose. Design, content and copy will help achieve that goal. The campaign also has a goal that is used to drive traffic to your site. Both goals need to align if you wish to convert at the maximum level. If the landing page, you expect one thing but then get another chance they will rise greatly improved.

Include social proof – Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to create a sense of trust with potential customers. Yelp, Google My Business, product reviews, service reviews, and testimonials can all be used to reinforce the message on the landing page. Make sure they are relatable to the destination page. Placement should be at the bottom of the page as they are secondary elements.

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Maximizing the loading speed – load time is vital to the landing page. At this point, the bait is on the hook and the fish pulls on the line. If your site does not load quickly enough, the fish will swim away. Regularly analyze both the bounce rate and the loading speed of your landing page. Often you’ll find the bounce rate is higher at a slower page loading. Of course, the loading speed is important for SEO and customer satisfaction, so regular tune-up sites are recommended for all pages.

Take the time to test – Always test your copy. Always test the call-to-actions. The importance of this can not be emphasized enough. Why apply for all that marketing effort to get people on your site just to give them a limp handshake weak sales promotion? Instead, test Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle your landing pages to find what resonates best with your target audience to maximize conversions.

Update landing pages on a regular basis – Your site must always look and feel today. People will not bother linking to sites that appear out-of-date in any way, shape, or form. Keeping a copy or update the image and color can make sure everyone knows your site up to date.