Why Having A Free Website Is A Bad Idea?

Why Having A Free Website Is A Bad Idea?

The idea of getting a free site is enticing. The web is brimming with organizations offering free site facilitating in any event, for self-facilitated WordPress. You’re presumably thinking about what’s the trick? For what reason isn’t every other person utilizing a free WordPress site? In this article, we will common reasons why having a free site is an impractical notion and something that you should AVOID no matter what.

  1. It looks amateurish

Regardless of whether you’re advertising yourself or your business, having Digital Marketing Company Chennai address like cool widgets.my free site won’t establish an incredible first connection.

2.Extremely moderate

Most free site facilitating suppliers put several sites having a similar worker. This makes every one of their sites load at extremely low speeds. Slow sites make the terrible client experience and are awful for SEO.

  1. Fishy practices

Your information isn’t yours and they can do with it whatever they like. Your site could vanish any day for reasons unknown and you’ll lose all your data.

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Organizations offering free sites as a rule attempt to upsell you some way or another in fishy manners. They may charge your Visa without approval for “reestablishment” administrations following a couple of months and other fishy practices.

  1. Weakness

Organizations offering free sites won’t have a safety faculty and doubtlessly won’t run security minds their workers. Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore makes it an enormous objective for assaults and hacks. On the off chance that you have touchy information on your site, you’re gambling a ton.

  1. You are the item

In case you’re not paying for it, they’re selling you. Your site could be utilized for shrouded interface homesteads, or they could sell your data and information, possibly utilize your name for malware conveyance. Continuously keep an eye out for the concealed expense of the “free” tag.